Always wanted to have-a-go at glassmaking ?  Here is the perfect opportunity to try your hand with these half-day or day long taster courses. Yes you really can make something in this magical material. And if the Hot Glass is too hot why not try some Kiln Work with Zoe?
To book these creative days go to where Sue and Gaynor will be happy to take your booking.
Glassmaking Courses 2017
19.02.17          Sun      Zoe Simon      Colourful Fused Glass – Coasters + Plaques
24.02.17          Fri        Tim Simon      Glassblowing Taster – Baubles +Decorations AM   
24.02.17          Fri        Tim Simon      Glassblowing Taster – Baubles +Decorations PM
25.02.17          Sat       Tim Simon      Glassblowing – Hands-on Studio Day
26.02.17          Sun      Tim Simon      Glassblowing – Hands-on Studio Day
03.03.17          Fri        Tim Simon      Glassblowing – Hands-on Studio Day
04.03.17          Fri        Tim Simon      Glassblowing Taster – Baubles +Decorations AM   
04.03.17          Fri        Tim Simon      Glassblowing Taster – Baubles +Decorations PM
05.03.17          Fri        Tim Simon      Glassblowing – Hands-on Studio Day
19.05.17          Fri         Zoe Simon      Kiln Carving Contemporary Fused Glass Sculptures +    
7.10.17         Sat          Tim Simon      Glassblowing Taster – Baubles +Decoration AM
7.10.17         Sat          Tim Simon      Glassblowing Taster – Baubles +Decorations PM   
8.10.17         Sun         Tim Simon      Glassblowing – Hands-on Studio Day
01.12.17       Fri           Zoe Simon      Fused Glass Christmas Decorations