A beach scene. Semi circular in shape which gives a wonderful perspective.      Size: 40cm x 30cm      Price: £180.00

On top of the world looking out over trees and sky.  Size:38cm x 20cm.     Price: £120.00

Meadow. This is constructed in three parts. Each section may be bought and displayed  separately but as a threesome make a stunning installation. Size: Lg. 38cm x 25cm   Sm. 20cm x 15cm  Price: Lg £85.00  Sm. £35.00 All three: £120.00

A dramatic piece with a wry comment on climate change. Size: 34cm x 25cm Price:£125.00

Sea Anemones. This has been kiln-carved so has texture as well as line. This can stand on its own or  the idea developed to be incorporated into a larger uniquely personal architectural piece. This piece - Size: 30cm x 30cm Price :  £130.00

Winter walk.    Size: 38cm x 20cm    Price: £120.00

We are always creating new designs. If you have a particular requirement we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01765 689780