Glass is spectacular is a natural companion to light, which makes these pieces of glass dazzling in conservatories or outdoors.

Standing Lea.  Modernist landscape freestanding panel. Size: 70cm x 20cm.  Price £150.00
Shattering Light. Freestanding panel. An intriguing comment on light. Size: 70cm x 20cm 
Price: £150.00

Bird Bush.a magical piece reflecting on birds, butterflies landing on a bush. It comes alive in he light. Size;40cm x 58cm.  Price £120.00

Clear Flowers; Catch light and frost to great effect. Two flowers on each stem. 
Size: 20cm x 30cm  Price:  Sm.£20.00 
Just hanging about. Quirky fun.  Size:40cm x 30cm  Price : £30.00