Tims’ Creations

Tim began his career studying Fine Art at St. Albans Art college in the sixties. His passion for colour saw him diversify into glass at that time. Now approaching 70 he is still enjoys working with this exciting material.

A spectacular bowl in blue and green with a timeless simplicity.  Size:  30cm x 15cm    Price: £120.00

Reminiscent of the sea in sunshine.   Sizes: 18cm x 5cm  approx.   Price £65.00

Vases with a crystal crispness.  Sizes: 14 -18 cm x 4-5cmapprox.   Price: £65.00

Redolent of mountains and moorlands inspired by Yorkshires scenery. Sizes: 17cm x 6cm    Price: £65.00

A dramatic piece, a pot of dreams.  Size: 15cm x 18cm       Price: £125.00

These bold pieces enjoy the full colour that have made our reputation. Size: 25cm x 17cm  price:  £135.00

A freestanding shield that is wonderfully exuberant in colour and design in a painterly way. Size: 35cm x 40cm   Price: £ 275.00

We are always creating new designs. If you have a particular requirement we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01765 689780